Mike Spencer

Mike Spencer is a New Zealander. After studying for a Bachelor’s degree in History and Geography, and a Master’s degree in History at Auckland University between 1965 and 1969, he became a secondary school teacher and taught History and Geography in a state school for four years.

He married Marjorie (Midge) in 1973 and spent a year travelling throughout Britain and Europe in 1974 in a Ford Escort camper van. This included a drive through the Soviet Union and up around Lapland.

Returning to New Zealand, Mike and Midge settled in the South Island, where Mike taught in another state school for eight years before being called to teach in an ACE Christian school run by his local church in Motueka.

During these years, Mike’s family expanded to six children (the youngest turning 30 in 2017). God used the church school appointment to pave the way for Mike’s writing career. A part-time job writing advertising features for a local newspaper also helped.

In 1995, Mike began a 20-year career, working long distance for Southern Cross Educational Enterprises (formerly ACE Australia). The company was based in Brisbane, and Mike was employed to write educational resources for ACE schools in New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific. From 2002 onwards, Mike made regular trips across the Tasman to work in the office in Brisbane.

After completing a series of 20 units on Senior Modern History, Mike was asked to write a series of 12 units on Australian history. As a result of extensive research, Mike became very excited about Christianity’s impact on the country’s history. Believing that the information should be made available to inspire all Christians, right across Australia, the decision was eventually made to publish the units in full-colour hardback form. The book One People, One Destiny: A Christian History of Australia was published by Southern Cross Educational Enterprises in 2014.

Marjorie died in February 2014, after a long battle with Multiple Systems Atrophy. Mike relocated to Bribie Island, in Brisbane, not long after this. He expected to remain there, working for SCEE, for the rest of his life, but God had other plans.

Late in 2014, he met a Christian widow named Christine. Christine was a New Zealander too.  Unbeknown to Mike, she had also lived in Motueka for a number of years during the 1970s. Later, she and her husband had pastored a church in Feilding. He had died in 2013, just days before they were due to resettle in Australia.

Christine continued to Australia and settled in Tamworth, New South Wales, where she became a critical care nurse at Tamworth Base Hospital. Mike also relocated to Tamworth and married Chrissie in New Zealand, in April 2015.

Soon after the wedding, Mike ceased working for SCEE as a result of restructuring. Since then, apart from a short period of pastoral work in a local church, Mike has continued as a freelance writer. He also ministers to the wider body of Christ on the subject of Australia’s Christian heritage. At present, he is nearing completion of a book on the history of Christian music. The book will be entitled Let the People Rejoice. Watch out also for Mike’s projected book Going for Gold, which will tell the amazing true story of Christine’s life.