One People, One Destiny:

A Christian History of Australia

Author, Mike Spencer, has written a landmark book on the history of Australia from a Christian perspective. The book, entitled One People, One Destiny: A Christian History of Australia, is an attractively presented hard cover book in full colour with many historical illustrations, photographs and maps. It is an easy read, suitable for both home and school.

The first chapter looks at the foundations of Australia's Christian heritage in the Ten Commandments and key events in British history. Subsequent chapters follow Australia's history through from the early explorers to the present day. There is a chapter dedicated to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history since 1788.


Correlation of One People One Destiny: A Christian History of Australia with the Australian Curriculum Ver 8.2

Humanities and Social Sciences


Year 9 - Depth Studies

  • Movement of peoples (1750 - 1901): pp. 44-105, 131-158

  • Making a Nation: pp. 1-15, 142-144, 159-178, 183-203, 293-310, 328-330

  • World War I: pp. 209-232

Year 10 - Depth Studies

  • World War II: pp. 253-267

  • Rights and Freedoms (1945-present): pp. 311-325

  • The Globalising World / Migration Experiences (1945-present): pp. 267-292

Senior Secondary Curriculum - Modern History

Unit 2 - Movements for Change in the 20th Century

  • Recognition and Rights of Indigenous Peoples: pp. 293-325

Unit 3 - Modern Nations in the 20th Century

  • Australia 1918-1949: pp. 233-276

Unit 4 - The Modern World since 1945

  • Engagement with Asia 1945-2010: pp. 267-292

Material from this book may also be used for Year 6 Humanities and Social Sciences - History and Civics and Citizenship.