Let the People Rejoice:

An Interactive History of Christian Music

Mike Spencer’s second book, is now available. It gives a broad overview of the main events and trends in the history of Christian music from Bible times through to the present day.


The book studies the relationship between music and some of the great events in church history. It notes the controversies that have arisen regarding the use of music in the church, and looks into the lives of some of the great men and women of God who have contributed to our rich musical heritage.


This is an interactive book. This means that the reader is invited to interact with the content of the book by accessing certain songs, and either singing them or viewing them on websites such as YouTube.


Endorsements for the book:

"Christian music proliferates like never before, but most who enjoy it, and even many who make it, have only the vaguest idea where it comes from. Hence this fascinating and illuminating book that examines the whole history of Christian music. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has even a passing interest in this wonderful story."     GRAHAM KENDRICK

"I've read many books on Christian music but LET THE PEOPLE REJOICE is the most comprehensive and insightful to date! As an artist and worship pastor I appreciate Mike Spencer's knowledge of the historical journey of Christian music and the honor he brings to the great legacy of doxology!                                                                                             SCOTT WESLEY BROWN